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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Summer fruits and a little bit more....

Younger son and I took ourselves off to the local pick your own farm this afternoon. I've had very little time to spend with him since we returned from holiday, as I've had to produce this month's issue of the local magazine in two weeks instead of four. Thankfully, it's done now, so we were able to make our expedition at long last. We picked plenty of these:

A little bird told me that there was something else that might be of interest to me at the PYO Farm. So when I spotted this, I was very excited:

A lady called Karen is setting up the Tilly Rose Vintage Workshop and Craft Studio, opening in September. She invited me in to have a look round, and kindly agreed to some photos:

The barn was full to the brim with vintage fabrics, buttons, trims and linens. Karen will be running craft workshops, a sewing cafe, children's create and craft sessions, as well as selling her handmade designs. Her website is and she also has a blog. The Tilly Rose barn is at Hill Farm, Chesterton, Oundle Rd, Peterborough PE7 3UA. We have very few businesses like this in our area, so I think this is a truly exciting development.
Raspberries for tea and a slice of vintage, too! Can't get much better than that.


  1. I used to have raspberry canes in my garden but they had been planted by a previous owner, probably decades ago. So, the fruit, though delicious, was small and only useful for jam.

    Your raspberries, on the other hand, look firm and perfect and there's not a single white wriggly thing in sight. Well done son: you've done a wonderful job.


  2. Hi Fiona
    Lovely to say hello today...
    Thanks for the lovely mention!

    Couldn't find an email so will wait to hear from you
    Karen x