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Monday, 29 August 2011

Good show!

My family acquitted themselves very well in this year's show. After all my soft fruit experiments, my raspberry and lime jam took a first prize, along with one of my home made cards. My son's chocolate brownies netted him a first and a little silver cup, and mum's apple pie, redcurrant jelly and lemon curd scored her a well deserved hat trick! There were a few lesser triumphs, too.

I love walking around the marquee with the prize dahlias and giant vegetables on display. Just take a look at these!

Outside, there was plenty to see as well.

I loved this car - a Singer, one of a row of vintage beauties.

A local lady has set up an artisan bread company and I wrote a small article about her in this month's magazine. She had a stall at the show and sold out of her delicious loaves.

The brass band played very well, as usual. 
And finally, what village show would be complete without an animal made from fruit and vegetables? This little bee was a just prize winner:

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