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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Garden of Surprises

We had a friend and her six year old son to stay this weekend, so we took them to Burghley House, near Stamford. To the side of this rather formal looking stately home is a special garden, full of water features and quirky sculptures, all of which have been designed to appeal to children. There is also a larger, wilder sculpture garden, ideal for a gentle walk.

Visitors are encourage to walk through the water 'gates.' The younger ones need no excuse!

Statues move, and there are mirror mazes and obelisks which spout smoke and light. Then there is the sculpture garden, which is my favourite area.

These cow sculptures are amazing, they're made from sacking, plaster and old tree roots. They capture the very essence of a cow...

Then there was just time for a picnic and a relax on the grass. It was so nice to appreciate some of the sights that we have close to home. Taking visitors makes you see them through fresh new eyes.

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