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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Apples and autumn days

The apple season seems to be earlier than usual this year. As well as our own Bramley tree dropping mellow windfalls on to the lawn, a neighbour has offered me a couple of bags this weekend, too, and I can never turn down free food. As predicted, I haven't strayed far from home this week, and am trying hard to take it easier, but baking is never really a chore. The classic crumble never fails:

Apple and ginger pudding comes from my new Jane Cumberbatch recipe book, and it is awesome. I'd use less apples than the recipe said next time (too much juice!) but otherwise, it is spot on.

Autumn fashion is in my mind, too, but I must admit that I'm finding it hard to get very excited about it this year. I haven't been shopping on the high street, but the catalogues that usually give me so many ideas just haven't been inspiring.

It's not just the prices, which seem to have soared (Kew: £100 for a skirt, and Boden: £90 for a day time dress). In some cases, I'm just not loving the look. Most knitted dresses aren't flattering to anyone who has had a couple of children, unless they spend loads of time in the gym, and the tribal/batik look and block colours aren't doing it for me at all. Even White Stuff is so-so, although admittedly I haven't been into a store yet. The only label that really seems to have it right is Clarks, who have some truly lush boots. Oh, and Sainsburys has the occasional find. I popped this top in with my groceries this week:

  I've never got a lavish budget for clothes, but I do love them, and with a mish mash of high street and charity shop, I enjoy putting things together. I'll bide my time, and if I do spot something good, I'll report back.


  1. You cannot beat home made crumbles! Your looks mouth wateringly delicious!
    Isabelle x

  2. I do envy you your Bramley apples. For some reason I have never worked-out, there are no such things as cooking apples grown here. I do miss them.