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Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn edit

Phew, it has been quite a week, with two boys starting two new schools. Different routines, timetables, uniforms. So far, so good, I think I probably worry more than they do. Last night, it was time to take a short break so I hopped over the wire into the field behind our house. I took a bowl to pick blackberries, but really I just enjoyed the late evening sunshine. It's an overgrown pasture, with a pond buried deep in the middle, and although dog walkers go there, I never encounter a soul on my route.
The hedges are thick with red berries. The blackberries are patchy, but some of the other bushes are weighed down with fruit. Lots of elderberries, rosehips and hawthorn berries. 

The leaves are turning already.

Like many people, I've been paring down costs as much as I can, but magazines are something that it's difficult to forgo. These are my top three. This month's Country Living is back on form, and BBC Homes and Antiques is just brilliant at the moment (modelled here on my recently acquired charity shop vintage wool blanket) 
I'm really enjoying Mollie Makes, and I finally sat down and attempted to make something from it the other day. It didn't work out, but that wasn't the magazine's fault, it's down to my left brain. I'll try again.

The photograph comes from Country Living. I thought it was really evocative....

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