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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Who let you in?

It was wet, wild and windy outside, and I could see that our guinea pigs were feeling a mite fed up confined to their hutch, so I let them have a free range around the house this morning....and yes, I probably have got more pressing things to do, but I didn't feel like doing, this is Minnie (above) and that is Syrup (below).

My knitting bag was a source of great fascination...once their initial nervousness has gone, they are extremely curious girls, and will investigate everything, especially the fridge door (gateway to their salads).

The sun has come out now and they are back where they like it best, outside in their garden hutch and run, with plenty of fresh grass to graze and a few windfalls to browse.
When I started thinking about having a blog, a friend advised that no one should write too much about their children or their pets. I do agree with this principle, but just once in a while, the pets must be allowed...

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