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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Signs and letters

Sunday mornings have gone quiet again as the football season has started. Husband and younger son are out of the house early for their weekly match. This means that I am free to go on some small adventures. This morning, I drove into the Fens to the Whittlesey Festival to see what I could find. The main attraction was a vintage fleamarket that I'd seen advertised. This was very small, and although I picked up one or two nice little things, I'd soon finished and I then enjoyed a stroll around the rest of the festivities. I loved the small rural museum in the town centre, which is where I saw these wonderful signs.

I have a fascination with typefaces and letters. I collect ABC books and printing sets. I'm the daughter of an old school graphic designer (pre-computer), raised with Letraset and the names of different fonts, so perhaps that's why. I found lots to see this morning in the most unlikely places...

I seem to be developing an interest in vintage vehicles, especially when they come in amazing colours, like this little Austin van. I want it!

The Fens are strange: totally flat with vast, expansive skies, rather bleak, yet a bit 'ugly/beautiful.' The towns are slightly run down, yet with amazing Georgian buildings and pretty old town centres full of extremely old fashioned shops. Fashion shops called 'Esme's' and a department store that I mistook for a charity shop...much more characterful than soul-sapping, anonymous malls, though. I hope they last.

  Anyway, here are the some of the fruits of my morning's shopping. A pretty linen sachet and a Tala cake tin (a useable one, too, it is in lovely condition inside and it was only £6):

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  1. Lovely finds. I share your love of typefaces. I trainned as a stereo engraver before computers took over. All that lovely lettering on boxes cut in rubber by hand. People look at me oddly when I try to explain what I use to do for a living