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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Making = therapy!

I've been making some little packs of vintage trimmings for my friend's shop. I'm using finds from my summer car boot expeditions and charity shop trawls. I love going through my bags and boxes, and parting with this lovely loot doesn't feel so bad when the results look this pretty.

I've made some bags of buttons, too.

Life has to travel a little more slowly at present. For over 20 years now, I have had ulcerative colitis, which is one of those chronic illnesses that comes and goes. Sometimes, I am absolutely fine, and go for months with no symptoms, but other times, it's like having a permanent tummy bug, and really not very pleasant. I work around it, and try never to let it get the better of me (there are very few effective treatments and believe me, I've tried 'em all), but sometimes, I need to take it really easy. So, while early morning antiques fairs and boot sales may be off the agenda for a while, it means I can spend time sorting out what I've collected and hopefully turning it into a little bit of pocket money instead.

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