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Sunday, 15 April 2012

The early bird....

So, today was officially my first visit to a car boot sale in 2012. Having been rained off last week, I was pleased to see a dry day forecast, so I set my alarm for 6.30am, and sprang out of bed (no, I didn't spring, I eased myself out rather slowly) and decided that I would go. At first, it looked less than promising. A biting northerly wind, not too many stalls and lots of sad looking clothes and bright plastic toys. But soon, I did find a few little treasures, the best being this 1950s dolls tea set. It looked as if there was just one tiny cup, but as I picked it up, the seller said he had a few more pieces if I was interested. And so he searched his boxes and I finished up with a set of six tiny cups, saucers, a tea pot and jug (and the extra item at the top).
What else did I unearth? A sewing box, I can't pass one by (especially if someone tells me it belonged to their German grandma!)

Some jolly retro melamine:

And many random odds and ends including a wooden mallet, a stool to refurb, some paintbrushes and a trowel (as you do at a boot sale). I'd heard that there was a new brocante-style market taking place in nearby Uppingham, and as it was still only 9am, I thought I'd drop in there, too.

These lovely things were most definitely not at car boot prices, but I enjoyed having a rummage and it's such a pretty town. 

Out of my price range, but I loved the way this stall holder had displayed her goods. I just made two very small purchases. Some haberdashery ribbon:

And a pretty gardening book.

And then home to wake up eldest son, and warm up with some coffee, poached eggs and bacon.


  1. What a lovely way to spend the day! i love the pretty tea set. Lorraine

  2. Love love nothing better than spending a Sunday morning thrifting and rummaging! Some lovely finds too xxx

  3. sounds like a fab morning - what fab finds!


  4. Yes, it's my ideal morning, too. Next time, I'll take thermals, though :)

  5. Love the gardening book. Glad to hear you had a good morning.