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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Today it is pelting with rain, and has been ever since I got up. So, what better opportunity to get lots of things ready for my two sales? I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last few years, and it really is time to let some of it go. I'm making up sets of mismatched china and putting them into old baskets lined with vintage fabric.

I started to set a few things out, as I always get flustered on sale day, and I need an idea of what I've got and where it will all go (last year everything sort of ended up in a heap on the floor). This is a rough idea of how it will look, although there is at least four times as much as this, plus furniture and two enormous trunks of linen. Oh my goodness, I hope I get a fine day as it's all open air and my trusty tent will only hold so much.

There are so many little bits and pieces, packets of this and that....

Who needs a vintage app for photos when you have a day as grey as today? It is soooo dark. 
The dolls house is finished and ready for its new home. It was made by my Dad in the early 1970s and before its makeover, it looked like this:

I set to work repainting and wallpapering, and ended up with this (it was much harder to do than I'd thought).

A smart new exterior. And inside....

The furniture is mainly the original Dol-Toi brand, but some of it has gone astray, so I'm sure  the new owner will have fun hunting down some new pieces to complete the rooms. 
Finally, sales are going to be here: Elton Village Green, near Peterborough May 7th, 1pm-5pm
Foxtail Lilly Vintage Day, Saturday May 12th, 41 South Road, Oundle, Northants, 11am-3pm (tea and home made cakes on sale, too). There will be other dealers here, as well as Tracey's little barn shop open, with some gorgeous vintage available.
If you live nearby, come and say hello.

Foxtail Lilly barn shop, on a much sunnier day than today!


  1. wozzers, you have lots of stuff!! That pic of the shop wasn't taken today! Days of sunshine past?? Fingers crossed the rain stays away . We have had enough?? Txxx

  2. I do have a LOT of stuff, I had no idea how much, and I keep finding more boxes. Let's hope for a day like the one in the pic....:)

  3. I like your sewing box, stack of tins and pretty vintage cards. I hope the sun shines for you!

  4. Thanks Jacqui. It's always interesting to know what catches other people's eye on the stall :)

  5. You have such lovely treasures to sell. I wish I lived nearer so I could visit those fairs but its a little too far from Sussex. Would especially enjoy a rummage in your linen chests. The dolls house is lovely too. I had some of that furniture in my dolls house but my Mum gave it to my younger cousin when she was small. Have a good week. Karen X

  6. Ah yes, we are a bit too far, but you have got some lovely vintage destinations I think. I would love to visit Rye, for e.g and I once visited Lewes and loved it there.

  7. You really do have some super things and great ideas for putting things together. I hope to visit both fairs and will keep my fingers crossed for fine weather for you.


  8. Wish I lived nearer. All your treasures look lovely and I'm sure someone will be very pleased with that gorgeous house. M x