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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Repainting the furniture

It is that repainting time of year, as my vintage sale approaches, and I delve into my shed for all those worn out pieces of furniture which I've promised myself I will transform. First up is this old stool. Rather a sorry sight when I bought it:

A lick of Farrow and Ball's French Gray, a turn with the staple gun and some Cath Kidston oilcloth and it is good to go. 

Then there are the printers trays. Seemed like a good idea when I found these two for a snip. The patina wasn't nice enough to leave plain, but repainting them was a real labour of love. All those little nooks and crannies! One down, one to go.....

And finally, a more ambitious task is my old dolls house, which I want to do up and sell on, as we have no room to store it. Still very much a work in progress. Hopefully I'll be finished by May 7th...

Our house feels very relaxed today. It's so good to be away from the timetable for a couple of weeks.


  1. I am seriously impressed by the patience it must have taken to paint the printers tray. I debated painting my son's tray but couldn't face it. M x

  2. Honestly, every time I thought I'd finished, I spotted another little gap....thank goodness for my trusty radio keeping me sane while I was doing it!

  3. Repainting an old furniture can make it look good as new, recently we just painted our old cabinet and was surprise on how beautiful it turned out.

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