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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Museum pieces

Yesterday, younger son and I went to the relaunch of Peterborough Museum. I'd had an invitation via the magazine, but I would have gone along anyway, as it's rare that we have something like this to celebrate about our nearest city. Housed in a huge Georgian building, the Museum has always had potential, but the injection of a large grant and a complete rethink of the displays has changed the place beyond recognition.
Of course, I loved the room sets best.

That red cupboard is rather fine. 

I love the radio on the top shelf. And a bit further back in time....

If you live anywhere near Peterborough, it's definitely worth visiting. Young children will love the dinosaur displays, and there is an old operating theatre which will appeal to those who don't mind a grisly view of the past. 
Today I've been very busy mending, repainting and recovering furniture for my sale. More about that when I've got some finished items to show you.


  1. Definitely worth a visit by the looks of it. My mum used to have a cupboard like the red one when I was a child. It was green and was called a Hygiena. Gosh what memories that has brought back. Thankyou.

  2. Ooh I love it but don't live near Peterborough, unfortunately, otherwise would definitely be paying a visit! Xx

  3. Lovely memories from your pics. My Gran had curtains in the red background version of the yellow/green wallpaper in the top pic (screen printed cotton from 1950 by Marion Mahler and David Whitehead Ltd according to my V & A Pattern book of the 1950's) and we also had very similar living room curtains with a white background, though not sure if exactly the same design.

    Our neighbour, when I was little had one of the cupboards very similar to the red one, in a super pale green and cream, and when we got married we had new Hygiena QA units in the kitchen in Aphromosa - remember those ? !

  4. Love this museum, well worth a visit, only if I were nearer, love the last pic. Julie xxx

  5. I always love these room sets in museums. From my childhood, in the sixties and seventies, I remember much bigger, bolder and more graphic designs on curtains and wallpaper.
    My grandma and great aunt had some of the aluminium jelly moulds in the first photo, and I have inherited a set of those now.
    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing these pics :)