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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Electronic May Day

Well, it is so wet and cold out there that it really doesn't feel like May Day at all, so I am just posting a few photos of last year's sunnier spring to cheer myself up. I've also been to Zumba this morning, as I try to do every Tuesday, and it struck me, as I was prancing around (quite often in the wrong direction) that a lot of the basic steps we use are very similar to the ones that we learned in country dancing at my small village primary school all those May Days ago. The thought wouldn't go away and it amused me (we certainly didn't dance to Pitbull or Ricky Martin way back when!).

 We used to make up posies of flowers and go around the village giving them out to residents, dancing at street corners and on the green. The smell of certain flowers still takes me right back, lilac especially. I remember that I had a red cotton dirndl skirt with white ric rac braid and white knee socks.

Strangely enough, I don't remember any rainy May Days, my memories are bathed in sunshine and nostalgia. Hopefully soon I can go out with my camera and capture some shots of 2012 blossom. Can't wait! 


  1. That made me laugh loudly ... prancing around, often in the wrong direction! It sounds exactly like me ... no sense of direction whatsoever! xx

  2. I love your new header picture. I have quite a collection of these books now, their covers are such lovely colours. I remember dancing round the may pole on May Day in a dirndl skirt too and getting the giggles badly. I always giggled at the wrong time as a child. Hope the sun shines your way soon. Karen X

  3. The books are great, aren't they? I pick them up whenever I see them, but I only have three in my collection so far.