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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May blooms

Not much time to say hello to my blog today, as it's deadline week, and the magazine has grown an extra four pages over the last couple of days, so lots to do before Friday. But I had to stretch my legs at lunchtime, the first time in over a month that I've walked my route, and it was looking so lush, I had to take some photos. So many blossoms, green, green grass and cow parsley growing  like I've never seen it before!

Creamy fields full of it....

Beautiful dry stone walls....

I don't usually like yellow, but these fields are looking amazing, too.

Safe to say that I didn't really want to come inside for another session on the computer...

Sweet May.


  1. The cowslips look amazing. Sometimes when we go down the narrow lanes in Devon (where my parents live) it's like driving through a tunnel of frothy white flowers. So pretty.

  2. Lovely photo's. I noticed a huge flowering of cow parsley on the drive to Lewes today - much more than normal.
    Hope you can enjoy another walk tomorrow. Karen X

  3. And what beautiful blooms they are too!
    I loved your last post, I think I might try and visit the next one.
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. Next one on Sept 8th, I think. Well worth a visit if the forecast is good...