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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mini bunting

I started making this mini bunting last night. I found the idea in Prima Summer Makes, which comes free with the main magazine this month (June issue). It's a very pretty magazine, with some very nice makes.

Prima often uses the stylist Selena Lake, author of the brilliant Homespun Style, and sure enough, she had styled the feature with the mini bunting. I love this shot:

Of course I've seen bunting patterns many times before, but this was the feature which made me want to make it (probably because it's so easy, no hemming required, just a quick whizz with the sewing machine).

A great chance to use up some of those tiny scraps of fabric that I've been hoarding.

And just in time for my own vintage garden sale, too....


  1. So pretty, think I'll have to go and buy a Prima! xx

  2. Yep, I don't usually, but they do have good makes, and there is a Selena Lake feature in the main mag, too.

  3. I saw a link to this on Selina Lake's blog and now I have seen your post too, I am off to buy Prima as soon as possible. Hope to visist the fair this weekend xx

  4. I love the spotty ribbon you've used to join up the 'flags'. I might try this instead of binding next time I make bunting.

  5. I think the ribbon gives it the extra dimension. So many great ribbons out there to choose from, too. My local market is a great source.

  6. Have to look for this magazine in town tomorrow - thank you for telling us about it. The ribbon is perfect, very springlike and you have used such lovely fabric for the flags. Karen X