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Sunday, 20 May 2012

That's better

The skies were leaden again today, but we decided to just go to the open garden anyway. I am so glad we did. The house is very grand, and surrounded by huge limestone walls. I drive past it every week as I take my son to his guitar lessons, and I have always wondered what's behind those impressive ramparts. It's much larger than I'd realised, and there are acres of grounds.

Pretty amazing. I must admit, although I admire the grandeur, it's the nooks and crannies which I find more appealing.

 We found these roses scrambling over a sheltered wall.

These tiny cream roses are lovely. Imagine an old shed covered in these.

An arch of wisteria.

Lots of secret windows, summer houses, follies and arches.

There was a huge memorial which turned out to be for the Victorian owner's dog, Pompey. Obviously a much loved friend. This old shepherd's hut took my fancy:

I wouldn't mind holing up here when I'm feeling outnumbered...wouldn't say no to bunking up in this cottage in the grounds, either. 

I have a real thing about Victorian greenhouses, and this one is a beauty.

In fact, the outbuildings were all beautiful.

We finished our tour with tea and cake in the cobbled stableyard. Who needs sunshine anyway?

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  1. Beautiful old shepherds hut. I would love one of those or a gypsy caravan to escape to in the garden for a little peace. I am glad you had a good day - hope you found some inspiration too and what lovely coloured stone you have in your part of the world. Karen X