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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Old friends

In the mood for some escapism tonight, so here are some faces from the past....

Mum recently found my old doll bed and passed it on to me, so I have a home for all those stray bears. Most of these are family toys: the ancient koala was my husband's, two of the teddies were mine from childhood, one was my youngest son's favourite baby toy. Only the rabbit and the two dogs are newcomers. What is it about the faces of old toys? My son and I find them hilarious. The rabbit always looks disapproving, but the bears are so laid back and have benevolent smiles. The koala? He's the grand old man.

I've been doing lots outside today (trying to get away from the work email), gardening and repainting things and it was so warm and so sunny. Nothing is quite finished yet, but progress was made.


  1. Love old toys too! Your collection is great and they look lovely altogether in the cot.

  2. Aww, my daughter's favourite toy is the sister of the little bear at the back . Her name is Chiara xxx

  3. Looks a bit crowded in there!! Very Snug!! xx

  4. They always look so sad when left in charity shops so I rescue them too. Yours look very cosy together. Karen X

  5. No room for any more...until I fall for the next one, that is!