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Sunday, 13 May 2012

What a weekend

                                                Sharon's stall

The Foxtail Lilly vintage sale was a great success yesterday. The sun shone, the crowds came, and I think everyone did pretty well. Really, the setting could not have been better. Tracey's lovely garden and little barn shop, with a large area out front where six sellers set out their wares. People sat and had tea and cakes in amongst the stalls.

                                                 Jane's stall

                                           My stall

                                    Tracey's outside stall, staffed by Poppy

So many wonderful things, all with a slightly different style. For me, it was the linens which were really popular. I didn't sell many larger items, but tablecloths, runners, lace and fabric remnants were flying out (totally different to my sale last week, where it was the big pieces of furniture which sold). My vintage toys did well, too. And once I'd made a few sales, I did treat myself to a couple of things, too. This pretty cakestand:

Some fabric:

And a lovely embroidered hanging, but that will have to wait for another day, as I'm still considering how and where to put it up. Today, my muscles are screaming after lots of lugging and standing yesterday, but I felt really wired after the sale, and didn't sleep well. So, as we were both bobbing about the house at about 6.30am,  youngest son and I decided we'd pop out to our local car boot. I am very glad we did, too. The fine weather had brought out the sellers today. 

 A cute tin, coloured wooden bricks, a vintage pinny, buttons, books, lace trimmed pillow cases, lots of lovely cheap plants and this little bag:

What has happened to my 'no more china' rule?? This tiny Copeland cup was the first thing I bought....

My best buy of the day had to be a lovely step ladder for £3. It's going to get a coat of paint and a new home in our garden. 

Youngest was a great help this morning, carrying and nipping back and forwards to the car. We were all done by 8.45 and headed to McDonalds where I treated him to his favourite breakfast. Now I just have finish planting my new plants, and find homes for all my old (and new) stock....


  1. Looks like was a good day out! Your stall looks lovely, and am looking forward to seeing transformation of stepladders ... Have a lovely Sunday, Claire xxx

  2. Thank you, I was a bit nervous about being in amongst the professional sellers, but actually, it didn't matter, we all got lots of customers. And I will definitely do a 'before and aft' on the step ladder, just got to decide what colour to go for....

  3. Wow, was a fair! Wish I lived closer. Such beautiful things for sale. Your stall look amazing.

  4. What a lovely post. How could you possible stick to your 'no china' rule with that beautiful cup and saucer. You will certainly sleep better tonight knowing you have it! xx

  5. What a great weekend you've had and good weather too which makes such a difference. I have a very helpful 13 year old who helped me clean out the greenhouse and get the strawberries and tomato's in over the weekend only moaning once it was too hot. Karen X

  6. The Fair was fantastic, really buzzing and so pretty. I didn't come to say hello as you were busy, but Tracy has put up a sign for me for my fair on the 26th - so thank you very much for that suggestion. I'm really pleased you had such a good day with such great weather. Ruth.

  7. You certainly found some interesting things - I like the tin and the knitting book. Ladder looks great with plants on it.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Looks like a fab day.. thank you for your blog visit (washerwoman) aka Lizzie