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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Trolley good

This chap will be coming with me to the Foxtail Lilly vintage sale on Saturday. I've had him for a while but the time has come for us to part. I've had a very indulgent day as it's my birthday. The weather is pants again, so I had to forgo my usual celebratory walk to see the lilac and bluebells. Instead, I had elevensies, takeaway cappuccino and cherry and almond cake from the Wansford Cakery (a tiny bakery in a nearby village). Then I did a bit of work, before husband and I walked down to the village pub for lunch. Now I am home and messing about with my stock for Saturday.
I have a new accessory, an absolutely stonking great hostess trolley which I found in Age UK yesterday. It was only a fiver, and it really is vast. 

It is a bit brown, so it might get repainted at some stage, but I foresee many uses for this.

Lots of smaller bits and pieces for Saturday, which require a still, sunny day with absolutely no rain or any elements of any kind. Do you think that might be possible in our crazy climate? I have lots of old toys, nursery things and a very cute old Triang desk and chair.

Now I'm off to listen to my new Richard Hawley cd (thank you to my brother for that) and to make some mini bunting :)


  1. "Happy Birthday" all looks so lovely hope to find some lovely things when I come up on the 21st.Enjoy the rest of your day. Lesley.

  2. Happy birthday ... Hope you've had a fab day! I got a tea trolley too last week, very brown, quite filthy, but in process of renovation as we speak. Enjoy rest of your day, Claire xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! If that's not an excuse for an indulgent day - then I don't know what is!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day.

  5. Happy Birthday. I would sing to you but I would probably break all your china! Hope Saturday goes well.

  6. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, I'm touched :)

  7. Happy Birthday, hope you have had a lovely day. Love the trolley, it reminds me of my Mothers when I was a chlld shame we don't still have it. Karen X

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to you .... and we share the same birthday. Maybe we're twins (ha ha) as I see so many things on your blog that we have the same (and many things that I wish were mine)x
    Love, Louise