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Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day Sale

We set up in sunshine at the sale today, but on the dot of 1pm, as the gates opened, so did the heavens! It was a bit of a torrent, to put it mildly. Fortunately, as I'd been obsessed with the weather over the last few days, I knew that's what was going to happen, so I'd stashed all of my linens and textiles in the trusty family tent. It's not as nice as having them outside, but needs must...
And despite the rain, the people came. Considering the conditions, I did pretty well. It's always fascinating to see what sells. This year, my plant stands were gone before they touched the ground, and pictures were another popular seller. I sold the big brown trunk, too, which frees up some space in our shed.

The green shoes were sought after! I could have sold them five times over. Vintage clothes are flying high just now, especially with teenage girls. My son tells me it is now cool to dress different in teenage girl world. Amen to that. However, I didn't take my clothes rail and dresses, as I didn't think people would want to be trying them on.

Next door was my friend Lucy with her wonderful handmade creations. I love that posse of teens at the back of her stall!

Now it's all over, the skies are clear again. Never mind, I met some great people today, including a blog reader  (lovely to meet you!), and I am looking forward to doing another sale next week at Foxtail Lilly in Oundle. 11am-3pm, 41 South Rd, Oundle, with some slightly different stock. I'm tottering off to Pilates now to unkink my back :)
Hope you all had a great holiday Monday....


  1. What a shame it rained, but it still sounds like you had a great day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Glad you did well, shame it rained! Iv been in the shop , having a total re-jig, as the garden is too soggy! Fingers crossed the sun comes out this week, or il go ga ga!!! xxx

  3. I wish I could have been there - you had some lovely items on your stall. Hope the weather cheers up for you next week.

  4. Your stall looks lovely and glad you did well! A bit of rain doesn't usually stop me if there are vintage treasures to be had! Love Claire xxx

  5. Vintage lovers are a hardy lot, it's true, but you can't beat browsing in the sunshine to make some good sales. Never mind, I'll be hoping for sun next Sat!

  6. I am sorry it rained for you. I find people whizz round much faster when its raining and then disappear for tea and cake. Glad you had some good sales as you had some lovely things - I can see several treasures I would have bought. Karen X

  7. Really good to meet you yesterday and I think everyone's spirits were high, despite the weather - the forecast looks a bit better for this coming weekend!


  8. Hi Ruth,
    Yes, fab to meet you. I have checked Saturday and seen a sun on the weather map, so I am very happy about that. It's good because it means I can set out so much more stuff! Hope to see you then.