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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A little horse, and other tales....

This will be a bit of a patchwork post with no particular theme, as life is all over the place at the moment, typical summer holidays with no routines. 
I have made a little purchase. I saw one of these horses at a car boot sale in another seller's arms, and I just knew I had to try and track one down on ebay. I was quite amazed when I found one very quickly and nobody else bid on it. He was not exactly a bargain, but I am smitten.

I am sure that my obsession dates back to childhood: my next door neighbour had a tin Mobo horse, the kind that 'walked' when you sat on its back. I wanted one so badly. It had very similar paintwork to this character, so perhaps that explains my slightly strange longing to own a tin horse. I saw a Mobo horse for sale on ebay, too, but they are quite large, and there really is no room for one at the moment.

I am not really on holiday any more, so there's work, and my sons have been out and about, having sleepovers and friends to stay. Eldest is getting ready for Reading Festival, his first one. I am trying not to be worried, although I am. Staying outwardly calm with some of my favourite books and magazines. I found this old Marie Claire Idees and it is full of gorgeous images. Two beauties:

And this one:

I borrowed this lovely book from the library, too. Well worth a reservation if you can (plenty to drool over):

And here is my own version of 'farmhouse chic...' pots on our little cream dresser, perfectly proportioned for our house rather than a mahoosive country residence....

I am in the middle of a painting project but it's taking me ages, so more on that soon (hopefully).


  1. Glad you have been able to satisfy your longing for a little tin horse after always wanting one as a child. Hope your eldest enjoys Reading Festival. My eldest is studying at Reading Uni and has returned for a few days with a friend to move a few more bits into her rented accommodation. Some of her house mates are going to the festival so let's hope the weather stays dry for them. Love the images from your magazine and the photo of your pretty china pots.

  2. Thanks :) Yes, the forecast isn't too bad for the weekend. Showers, I think, rather than a mud bath, thankfully!

  3. What a great horse! My nephew has just gone to his first festival, he came back shattered! Think he slept for 24 hours! He has a great time! Will we ever stop worrying about them? Ada :)

    1. Yes, four days of festival fun, that is going to take some catching up on!

  4. I love your Mobo horsey, it has reminded me of my old mobo rocking horse, he sat on large springs, I loved him to bits
    Thea x

    1. I remember those, too! They were very distinctive, a little bit fairground, and very 1960s.