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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sponge cakes at dawn....

Things are hotting up here for the village show on Monday. Entries have been very thin in recent years, but there could be an upturn this time, as I think people are inspired by the Great British Bake Off and there is definitely a greater sense of community since the Jubilee celebrations. At least three of my neighbours are entering Victoria sponge cakes, which has lead to some pre-show jollity on Facebook. Today, with husband working in Manchester, and the eldest away, I've had time to do lots of preparations and plenty of cooking.

I spotted the first Victoria plums on the market on Friday, so I bought a kilo and made some jam to enter. I love Victoria plums, their flushed skins and the fact that they are only around for the briefest time. Their taste reminds me of late summer, it's good to eat this jam in the winter months.
I've also made some cakes for the tea tent. The same stalwart team of ladies does this every year, and I realised guiltily that I have never volunteered, so I've been baking for that today. Date slices and sticky banana and chocolate cake.

Victoria sponge will be made tomorrow (blinds drawn and doors locked, safe from prying eyes)...and a few last minute adjustments made. It's all good fun.

The forecast is a bit dodgy for Monday, but the show will go ahead, rain or shine. The entries are always housed in a huge marquee. Do come along if you're local, it's always a great afternoon. The brass band will be playing, there will be vintage cars, stalls, a dog show and chance to look at all the gorgeous fresh produce that has been lovingly grown and presented. A real village day out.


  1. It sounds great fun and your jam and cakes look lovely!

  2. My fingers are well and truly crossed for you! Ada :)

  3. Well done you, It all looks lovely. it's the taking part that counts, hope you have a great day whatever the weather
    Thea x

  4. My 18yr old son makes the best victoria sponges in our family. Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow and good luck with your entries. Fingers crossed for warm, late summer sun. Love the colour of those plums. Karen X

    1. Some people are blessed with a sponge-making gene, and I'm not sure if I have it. But we'll enjoy eating the results, however it turns out. Skies rather gloomy here today.