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Thursday, 9 August 2012

A place in the sun

Spain was so beautiful. I won't be a holiday photo bore...but just a few shots of things that I loved.

The 'white' towns of Andalucia are famous and we stayed for a couple of nights in this one, Vejer de la Frontera. I wanted to take photos all the time. We treated ourselves to two nights in a hotel that had been recommended to us, and the rooms were tucked into little nooks, connected by stairs and small courtyards outside the doors, and there was a splendid roof terrace offering amazing views. The rest of the time we were in a house, with a small pool and a garden. It was incredibly peaceful there. 

We  went to Cadiz, for some sightseeing. There were some amazing buildings, pale pink and pastel colours against the incredible blue of the sky. Lush parks in the city centre...

A sense of faded grandeur and mazes of narrow streets.

One thing I noticed: despite their economic troubles, the Spanish really seem to enjoy themselves, eating and drinking with gusto, wiling away the warm evenings chatting and socialising. I suppose that's much easier in a warm climate - I was envious! People were so friendly to us, despite the fact that barely anyone spoke English, and our little phrase book made many appearances. 

This little beauty was growing in our villa garden. It had both pink and yellow blooms on the same stem.

It's back at the computer today with a vengeance, but we have so many lovely memories stored away from this holiday.


  1. Looks like a beautiful part of Spain. We have family and friends living over there and they love this time of year as its fiesta time I believe. Hope you had a wonderful relaxing time and you've come home to some English sun too. Karen X

    1. Yes, there were lots of preparations for the fiesta happening as we were leaving Vejer on Wednesday. It must be so wonderful to be absolutely sure that your festivities will not be rained on (or off!).

  2. I can understand why you wanted to keep taking photos, it all looks so beautiful. It must have been great fun too exploring the maze of narrow streets.