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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nearly show time

Every year, around this time, a schedule for our village show lands on the mat. There are all sorts of classes, from giant vegetables, to best sponge cake, scones, jams and jellies. I am always very glad to see the programme, because it never fails to spur me into action. Fruit is whipped out of the freezer or picked from the garden and made into jam, and arty projects that I've been meaning to tackle are started. Last night, I assembled some art materials and had a go at making some greetings cards for the crafts section of the show.  This is my attempt at a collage based on a dahlia from the garden (very therapeutic, tearing up magazines and making merry with the Copydex).  I shall continue with this, it needs a few more layers ...

Then I resurrected an idea that I'd had last year, and painted a new version of my fantasy high street. 

The show has been running for 132 years. There is always a sensational fruit, veg and dahlia selection, but the other classes are not overflowing with entries, so I always try to put something in.

This time last year, I was about to become very ill, and I'd already started having symptoms at the time of the show. I have been fortunate to get back to good health, and I never, ever take it for granted, so sitting at the table dabbing about with my paints, and feeling well, is something that I really value. 


  1. Your picture is so pretty, hope you win a prize! Sorry you weren't well, but glad you're feeling better now. Enjoy the show!

    Claire xx

    1. Hi Claire,
      It's the taking part ;)
      Yes, I'm fine now, my blog really helped me when I was home from hospital and recovering.
      Fiona x

  2. Bless you, I'm so glad you are now well. I know how difficult it can be when your health is taken from you. I wish I could draw.....beautiful paintings! Ada :)

  3. Thanks Ada. Sorry that you have been ill, too. I have a chronic condition (colitis), but it is under control for now.

  4. I love your Dahlia collage, and your street picture reminds me of the road where Mr Ben lived, so clever
    I am glad you are feeling well enough for this years show, hope you have a lovely time
    Thea x