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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank holiday bonanza

Winning cupcakes with amazing decorations (tiny sandwiches!)

It was a packed Bank Holiday Monday, with friends, family, car booting and the Garden Show all in one day. Let's start with the Show. It was rather grey and chilly by the time the gates opened at 2pm, but as usual, the exhibits were looking good. More baking entries than ever before, but the garden produce was much depleted because of the terrible weather this year. But there were still some fantastic entries:

Lots of pots of jams, jellies,chutney, and curds.

How did we do? Mum took the first prize for her jam, and I was third! I got second prize for my raspberry and redcurrant cordial, and a big fat nothing for my Victoria sponge :) Better luck in the cards class, with a first and a second for my creations....but I should really add that they were the only entries in the entire class, so I am not sure that really counts. Outside, a cracking display of vintage cars....

Or how about something a bit smaller?

This beauty turned out to belong to my cousin. I didn't know he was bringing it along...seems that the vintage thing must be in the genes....

I was smitten with the picnic basket on the back seat.

Earlier in the day, I went to a vast car boot sale. It's held every August bank holiday Monday and rarely disappoints, although there was less old stuff there this year. I still managed to find some lovely bits and bobs.

These look lovely at Christmas time, planted with moss and little flowers. 

A nice old stool, pretty cake stand, tins and a jug. And I found just the thing to display my cushions at the sale I'm having soon. It is a massive basket, not sure if it was originally a bakers basket, but I love it, and I had to move quickly to snag this one....

I found some pretty old William Morris curtains, currently in the wash, and a rather nice old sign which was a real bargain. I will photograph it soon. I'm also fond of these jolly  souvenir tea towels...

 I was shattered by the evening, but it was a really lovely holiday....

No boot sale is complete without a vintage tablecloth....


  1. Well done you! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, I love your finds
    Thea x

    1. Thanks Thea. I love the bank holiday boot, such a friendly atmosphere, and the village show is always good, too.

  2. What lovely produce and congratulations to you on your Mum for your prize winning! Lovely finds too ....

    Claire xxx

  3. Well done to you and your mum! My daughter and son in law were given a lovely vintage picnic basket, like the one in your photo, a few weeks ago for their first wedding anniversary. They are hoping to use it when they go out in their classic MGB.

  4. Swell done, what a talented family you are! Ada :)

  5. Well done on your prize-winning. My Mother always entered these shows and won lots of prizes but I have never entered anything. Love your purchases - we have an almost identical blue jug. Karen x