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Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes to my Mum today. It's a special birthday, but she'll kill me if I say which one....we had coffee and cakes in a lovely new tea room in Stamford this morning.

Latte and an almond croissant, made properly on the premises. Lemon meringue for M.

Just too pretty to resist taking photographs.

We're going to see Warhorse in London next week as her birthday present, and there is another little trip lined up for her at the end of November, too. Clue: Christmas. Market. 


  1. Happy birthday to you Mum, special times together, to be cherished! Ada :)

  2. Hope your Mum has had a wonderful birthday. My youngest son saw Warhorse in London with his school and loved it especially the goose apparently. Those cakes look lovely - pretty china too. Have a lovely weekend. Karen xx