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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday update

I'm really not sure why I find the sight of a fresh new conker peeking out of its green case so appealing: perhaps its a throwback to childhood, when our daily walk to school took us past a horse chestnut tree. We always collected as many conkers as we could fit into our pockets - but it was always a bit of an anti climax when they lost their lovely sheen after a few days. Anyway, autumn seems to have well and truly arrived in these parts. When I saw Prima Christmas Makes in the newsagents today, I knew for sure that the season had changed:

This is the only dedicated Christmas magazine that I buy. I really enjoy it, particularly the fact that the stylist Selena Lake, author of Homespun Home, one of my favourite ever  interiors books, is a contributor. I would recommend it, I've already spotted a few very pretty projects, and I've only had a quick skim so far. 

I thought this robin and nest was very clever. And these dolls, too:

There are some simple projects, too, and loads to browse and be inspired by.

I'm hoping to get up early in the morning for Peterborough Festival of Antiques, only 6 miles from my house (yay). I haven't got much to spend, but I can't resist a browse. I'll pop back tomorrow to report on that. 


  1. I love the glossy newness of conkers too and will have to buy that magazine, looks great! Hope you have a good day at that fair tomorrow and looking forward to earring about it!

    Thanks for your lovely comments and glad to have been of service on the Annie Sloan front!

    Claire xxx

  2. That magazine looks very interesting.....might need to get that one! Have a good time at the fair! Ada :)

  3. Wishing you too see through Magpies eyes and come home with lots of treasure today!......
    LoVe Maria x