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Monday, 29 October 2012

Weekend make

The weekend passed in a flurry of family activities, and by Sunday night, I was itching to sit down and have a go at a simple making project, inspired by a Christmas magazine that I bought recently. This was such a lovely, simple thing to do. I had a pack of cheap, bog-standard Christmas baubles in the cupboard, so I got those, and all the teeny tiny scraps of fabric that I haven't been able to bring myself to throw away over the last few years, just off cuts from various schemes of mine....

I just covered each bauble with a selection of square or rectangular shapes, and pasted them on with Wilko's wallpaper adhesive, which is my go-to glue of choice ;)
The result was very satisfying. I found that an old egg box was the perfect accessory to help me make the patchwork baubles, and to display them afterwards. 

You could make retro baubles, by theming your scraps, or just a random mish-mash, like these. I might also try just using one fabric. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, it involves fabric, but not sewing, which as you may know if you have read my blog before, is not my strong suit. 

Finally, some roses from the market to cheer up the house, and another of my cracked old jugs with writing.

Have a good week everyone


  1. These are quite charming indeed - I too have been thinking about Christmas decorations but sadly getting rid of some rather than creating more. These are a great idea though - I have made those embroidered egg ones for Easter before now but this is a much easier option
    Best wishes

  2. I agree with Jenny, they are very lovely!
    We are getting so busy with Christmas at work at the moment!seems to start earlier each year.
    It is lovely to create some thing so individual..
    Have a fun filled week.
    Love Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria. I think I'll be making more of these! You have a nice week, too.

  3. I could make some of these with my fabric scraps, what with them and hanging wooden bobbins, my family will really think I'm mad! They are great! Ada :)

  4. I must admit I was referencing you when I floated the 'retro baubles' idea!

  5. These look lovely and so nice to have something homemade and individual at Christmas.

  6. Those roses are gorgeous - what an amazing colour. I try not to think of Christmas until 1 November but we have some baubles won in a raffle that definitely need the fabric treatment - lovely idea. Karen x

    1. I do agree about Christmas, I just saw this idea and had to try it immediately!