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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Seeing in black and white

This is me and my two best friends from university (that's me with the bow...vintage lace, I believe!). I've been making 50th birthday cards today, as these two both have their birthdays in the next two weeks. I trawled back through old albums and  made memory scrap books for them both. I still have letters that we sent to each other, tiny notes that we passed to each other in the library or pinned on the notice board (no mobiles, or even a house phone in those days), cartoons and drawings of people and places, scraps of poems that we either wrote or copied out, and issues of our university newspaper that we all worked on. Then there are our adventures in London, followed by partners, weddings, babies and now teenagers and even twenty somethings, in R's case. What a roller coaster ride. I need tea and a good book now. 


  1. What a super thing to do for your friend, bet that was an emotional journey to go on! Ada :)

    1. It was. I also kept diaries during the college years, in great detail. I am glad I kept them, but it was very strange reading those back.