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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Back to rights

The decorations are down and the boxes are packed away in the loft. Time for the New Year to begin in earnest. I've been moving things around and re-potting the Christmas cyclamen, digging out some forgotten objects such as my little green candlestick.

Two lovely magazines arrived in the post today. I had a subscription to Pretty Nostalgic for Christmas and I'm delighted about it. This is a really original magazine that is going from strength to strength. I love the quirky subjects they are covering, and the way it is designed. Country Living, which I feel has been in the doldrums recently, overshadowed by lots of new competition, has come back with a beautiful February issue. Can't wait to sit down with those two later on.

My hyacinths have come out, despite the gloom they have struggled through and I love their splash of green and white.

So it's out with the old and in with the new. I took these photos on my new camera, so that's a good start. 

PS Thanks to people who left kind notes and advice about my guinea pig! Minnie is fine, she has moved into a new bijoux house for one, and is being thoroughly spoiled.


  1. Love your little green candlestick it's ever so cute and also the gorgeous jelly/blamange? mould you have your bulbs in, I collect jelly moulds and have one smaller than that. I'll look out for pretty nostalgic, Lucey x

    1. Hi Lucey
      Yes, I love jelly moulds, too, and have quite a few, including a really tiny ceramic one. This is my biggest one, it would make a giant jelly or blancmange! I missed out on some copper ones at a car boot sale last year, they would have been lovely, too.

  2. You have a wonderful eye for styling objects around the home together- very inspirational! ;0)
    I too felt 'country living was lacking some what, often using older issue photographs too- which i had noticed more than once.
    but its still a favourite- look forward to seeing the feb issue.
    I do mainly buy mags for the visual- photography being a passion of mine i find such mags inspirational.
    Love the green colours you've photographed. I have to admit the place looked a bit odd this late afternoon when i took the tree and decors down. I need to inject some colour back...have ashift about of furniture...

    happy new year!

  3. Lovely pictures, love the way you group objects together. Looking forward to getting my 2 magazines too! Glad to hear that Minnie is coping well , poor litte thing.

    My son has a vintage typewriter stashed away somewhere, I'm going to get it out as your looks so nice, and I've seen a few others lately in blogland too!

    Enjoy your Saturday evening,

    Claire xxx

    1. Yes, I love my typewriter, it seems to look good with plants or flowers beside it :)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your magazine reading - with a cup of tea and cake I hope. I have those two magazines on my reading by the fire pile for tomorrow. I have to say it was nice to restore order today and put the furniture back in the right place - my sons would keep the decorations up permanently! Karen x

  5. Yes, Country Living is being saved for next week, when the girls are back at school and I have a few moments to myself! :) x

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours (sorry to read the guinea pig story). I have been catching up on your posts and your lovely photos - I hanker after a new camera but a bit hopeless because I never read instructions! The smell of hyacinths is the smell of Spring don't you think
    Best wishes