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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interesting people

At midday, I dropped my son off at school to take his geography A level and went on to a small exhibition in our town museum. It is called Sparkle and Shine, by Paola McClure, and features these amazing soft sculptures. Each one is made from vintage fabrics and second hand clothes. The pieces are not twee, some of them were quite disturbing, and they were all peculiarly expressive.

There were photographs of the artist in her studio in Scotland, its shelves rammed with towering piles of vintage fabric. She commented in the exhibition notes that visitors will often stand for ages and just look at the materials she has collected. Well, I think we can probably all relate to that...
had to switch to my iPhone for the rest of the shots.

Understandably, it was a 'no touching' exhibition, but the sculptures were so tactile, I had to put my hands in my pockets to stop myself from reaching out. 

The last one is great: this is how I feel at the end of the day sometimes.....
A lovely exhibition, and completely free. 

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  1. That looks really interesting. I shall have to make a point of going.