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Saturday, 19 January 2013


I haven't yet ventured outside, so no snow pictures. I've been making some old fashioned comfort food instead. These Welsh cakes are a favourite. One thing about old recipes is how incredibly economical they are. A scrap of margarine, some flour, an egg, a little sugar and a few sultanas or oats, and a whole tea table full of treats can be conjured up. These are Welsh cakes:

I use an old Bero recipe, and they are cooked in a frying pan so you don't even need to put the oven on. They last only minutes in our house...

The light is very soft today with so much whiteness outside. 

It is time to put my boots on and get some air.....


  1. Hello:
    We have not thought about Welsh cakes in years - absolutely delicious. As for 'Berol' flour, that really is a name from the past, as far back we think as the 1950s.

    Here the whole of Hungary is blanketed in snow but rather less in Budapest. But still bitterly cold. We very much hope to welcome you to our own blog at some point. Meanwhile, we trust that you are having an enjoyable weekend.

  2. I do love a Ladybird book - we still have a stack in the loft. That recipe book looks familiar too:)

  3. I use the Bero book a lot. I have shelves and drawers full of cook books but always go back to that one. Your Welsh cakes look good and have made them many times. I love your photos .
    Patricia x

  4. I still use an old Bero book for scones too. Sometimes the old ones really are the best.
    Julie x

  5. Now I didn't know that - the bit about cooking them in a pan - I will have to give that a whirl this week. Lovely photos as always.
    Best wishes
    PS My sister said that the Northampton Jumble Sale was great - they had 400 visitors in the first hour and there was lots and lots of very cheap stuff! They are keen to do another one but I might have to lie down after Noddy Clock loss.....

    1. Northampton is becoming a bit of a vintage hot spot it seems. The organiser runs quite a few events in this neck of the woods, so I'll keep my eyes peeled and I will not miss the next one.