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Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank holiday thrifting

I love visiting car boot sales for the possibility of vintage finds, but I'm getting increasingly keen on the other things you can buy there. Fresh eggs, herb plants, cakes, crafts, it's a small alternative universe, and there are no sharp elbows around these things. Today, my husband, younger son and I got up with the lark and headed off to a lovely big boot that takes place every year on Easter Monday.

Look at these lovely fresh eggs: the seller even told us the breed of each of the three hens which laid them!
I bought the little blue and white dish as well,  along with quite a few other goodies: a pink Lloyd Loom bedside cupboard, pure vintage cotton sheets, unused, with their folds perfectly preserved, buttons, fabric, knitting needles, a huge zinc dolly tub and a duck egg blue gas lamp. 

Yesterday I heard the designer Cath Kidston on Desert Island Discs explaining how she still likes to get out to the occasional car boot sale, purely for that initial thrill of walking in, not knowing what she will find. That's something I am sure anyone reading this blog can relate to. A note aside: Cath's interview was interesting  although I was left wanting to know much, much  more about her. I thought Kirsty Young's questions were a bit lame.

Anyway, we're all shattered now after our early morning excursion. Husband and son are off to a football match this afternoon, but I shall be back out in the garden, making the most of the last hours of holiday time (until the next one on Friday).

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