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Saturday, 16 April 2011


In between working, gardening and general household duties, I'm slowly making things ready for my sale on May 2nd. Last night I was bagging up vintage buttons and putting napkins into sets. This is my favourite part of the whole thing, if I'm honest.

Lots more furniture painting to be done, but this mirror is now finished and priced.

A couple of larger projects in the pipeline as well, recovering a chair and a stool. And some old suitcases to line with fabric or old sheet music. I only do them if they're too scruffy to stay untouched, as I don't think you can really improve on a pretty old suitcase.
Tomorrow I should be going to my first car boot sale of the season if the weather is as good as it promises to be. I shall report back with any finds that might come my way (if any! It is rather a competitive world out there in the early morning).

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