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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An old warhorse

Here is my latest acquisition: this battle-scarred old chest came from my new favourite auction house. I saw a photo of it online, and fell for it hook, line and sinker. I loved the little cuphook handles but the main selling point was its size: for an ex-office fitting, it's quite small. I knew that there must be a nook in the house where it could be tucked away.
The problem is, these utilitarian pieces have become very popular lately, and although I've left bids on similar items at another auction before, they have sold for huge sums, way beyond me.
But, this little chest is very battered, though basically sound, and although the main body is pine, it has a veneer top, so I hoped against hope that would keep the price low. I left my bid, and then on Sunday, I got a call to say it was mine.
Now I've got it home, I have to say it is very scruffy, even by my standards, but I love it. I can't wait for a warm, sunny day so I can take it outside, clean the musty smells away, and treat it to a thorough wax. I wasn't sure whether to strip it back, but I actually like the tone of the wood, so it can stay as it is for now.

But there must be no more furniture buying for a long time now. The house is full to bursting, and with the items that I am getting ready for my sale, I am starting to feel quite hemmed in!

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