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Friday, 29 April 2011

Steady progress

We're attempting to make inroads into the wild part of our garden (well, one of the wild parts, anyway). My husband laid some slabs over Easter, and today we were finishing them off. There's still plenty more tidying to be done, and we need to do some planting to soften the edges, but here is the before shot (below):

So, we have come quite a way already. Younger son is making a vegetable plot in front of the shed, and is anxiously awaiting the appearance of carrots and potatoes. 
Progress was slightly delayed today by a bit of royal wedding viewing. I can't understand how Mrs Middleton managed to keep it all together when she saw her lovely girl walking down the aisle. It was quite enough to set me off just seeing my elder son clambering into our old car in his Top Man finery for his school prom last night! A stiff upper lip is the answer, I guess. I never did master that one.
Finally, a sale update. The house is full of items which are on their way to the May Day stall. I hope I manage to sell something.

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