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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hangin' around

Today I did something that I very rarely do. I sat in the back garden. Just sat in the sun. Thinking and looking around. There is a vast amount to do in the borders, so many weeds to pluck and seeds to sow, but I was really tired after finishing three work deadlines, so I wasn't even tempted to do a single chore. It was bliss. I actually took this photo last June, when I had done a fair bit of weeding and seed sowing, but it sums up the mood of today perfectly.
I took this shot in my friend Tracey's beautiful (and shortly to be famous!) garden. It is a very inspiring place to be. So much colour and different shapes and textures.

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  1. Such a pretty garden ~ and lovely blog! I read through a few posts this afternoon and loved the little dog on wheels (I had one as a child in Southwick) and your sweet little guinea pigs :-)
    Look forward to stopping by again ♥