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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Antiques hunting

For various reasons, I couldn't go to Lincoln Antiques and Homes Show for the last few months, so I was very excited to have a free pass to this vast event, and half a day off to use it. I've been going to these large shows for about 10 years now, and sometimes they are amazing and you see hundreds of things you'd love to buy, and other days, everything you like is either sold or in someone else's trolley. Well, yesterday was brilliant:

I saw some beautiful, beautiful things. Some, like this enormous cheese board, was well out of my price range (and what would I do with it??) but photographs are free....I was here to buy fabric, not furniture, as I've just managed to clear my sheds to a manageable state. Thankfully, it was a good fabric day....

My budget was very small, so there wasn't any room for daft impulse buys. That's tricky when you are surrounded by wonderful stuff, and hundreds of other buyers who might want the same thing. You can't go away and think about it. Snap decisions are needed.

Once my money was gone, I was free to wander, take some photos and soak up the sights. You can buy everything here, from watering cans to wool. It really is an experience. 

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