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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tea break

Back to work with a vengeance now, but there's always time to stop for a cup of tea and a new magazine...

Mollie Makes, issue 2, was just as sweet as the first one. Just after I bought it in Peterborough city centre yesterday, I came across a group of crafty people in a Pop Up Shop. They'd taken over an empty premises for a week, during the town's green festival, to make an Art Cafe. I was camera-less, but very impressed with their idea. Each day, they ran free workshops in knitting, crochet, screen printing, sewing...all sorts of skills. They'd had over 3,000 people through the doors. The shop was decorated - madly but brilliantly - with contributions from the local Sue Ryder charity shop, plants from Van Hage, and contributions from all sorts of sources.  I loved it.

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