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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gorgeous gardens

Off to the Midsummer Open Gardens in a little village called West Deeping, about 15 miles away. We were dodging showers, but it was worth it. There are some very grand houses in this stone village...

This is the Manor House, which dates from the 1600s.

An amazing garden, with little bridges, a rose garden, old stone walls with peaches growing across them, lavender paths, secret places...

I loved this cottage garden (below)..the bridge at the back was a new addition, and a bit of a work in progress....

We were really inspired by seeing so many amazing vegetable and produce patches. Lush lettuces, deep green cabbages, fat blackcurrants and red cherries, onions, beetroot and peas. We came home feeling really inspired to make a greater effort in our garden. This strawberry tub was brilliant.

Perhaps my favourite garden of all was the final one we saw. It's an old mill, with a typical Georgian house. I think I once came to a party here when I was a teenager, so perhaps I had my nostalgia-goggles on, but it is just stunning. Not too tidy, just lots of old roses, mellow stone, plenty of dogs, cats and horses, and of course, a river running through it.

The sun was out by now, even better!

What a great way to spend an afternoon.

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