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Friday, 24 June 2011

Thrifting part II

I was technically food-shopping, but what can you do when this lies in your direct path?

Resistence is futile! This is a small antiques fair which takes place on Stamford Meadows each June. It is a wonderful setting, next to a river, with the Georgian town of Stamford as the backdrop. You cannot beat it if the sun is shining, which it often does. There are about 70 - 100 stalls.

I have two particular favourites. One of them is a one man band house clearance service, and he always has a great spread of lovely things (and he is kind enough to allow photos!):

Pottering about in warm sunshine, sifting through boxes of linen, buttons, vintage clothes and china, it doesn't really get much better than that for me. And, what made it possible, was a late birthday cheque from my in-laws, which came at the weekend. This is what I bought:

I love the colours of the crochet blanket, and it was love at first sight with the little red shoes. My tin of buttons and trimmings will keep me happy for ages.
The food shopping didn't seem nearly so boring after that little break. As for Stamford, that really merits a post all to itself. Another time.

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