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Monday, 6 June 2011

Birds and flowers

I'm so pleased that my auction bid was successful and I collected my tapestry panels today. I must admit, I cheated and watched the auction live on the internet on Saturday, so I knew that I'd been lucky. It is quite odd to oversee the proceedings via a computer, but such is our crazy virtual world and its long-distance experiences.
I love these panels: they are absolutely massive, and I mean huuuge (one metre tall). They'll dominate our room, but that's why I wanted them. I have lots of small, knick knacky type things, and I just needed something big to make a statement. They reflect all the colours in our living room, so I think they should work. I need to show some more panel love....

They are quite classical, but quite in keeping with my love for birds and flowers (I have them on tins, cushions, fabrics, table cloths....).                                                                                                   

The family's reaction has been cautious, along the lines of: 'they are very ....big,' but they are quite used to odd things appearing from time to time and generally the finds are approved of.
And, as if the day could not get better, I had a free ticket to Lincoln Antiques and Home Show. It didn't rain, and there was a stupendous selection of antiques to be had. I will post some pictures and words about that tomorrow. I'd made it my mission to buy some fabric, as I have a couple of pieces of furniture to make over. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Some of my finds are soaking in a gentle bath of soap flakes already, but more about all that in the morning.

P.S Quite a few people have said that they are unable to leave comments on the blog. I don't know why this is, but if I can find out anything, I will let you know. There are some mystifying features here (like, why is my header photo suddenly so massive?) and I am trying to work it all out....

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