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Friday, 7 October 2011

A new day....

Today I ventured out for the first time, and, boy, was it good! I went to my favourite market town, Stamford, and had a wander in the sun, doing some shopping, but just enjoying every second of feeling better and stronger. I am so full of the joys of spring that I'm a bit like Pollyanna on helium...
these flowers, £3 for the bunch, sent me into raptures (the lady on the stall was very indulgent!).
Then, I walked into the charity shop and found a bundle of soft old cashmere jumpers. There were five of them, just being placed on the shelf. I love, love, love old cashmere (more raptures) and I bought two, one is cream, the other oatmeal.

I've been looking for some new boots for some time now, and when I spotted these I decided it was definitely a good time to treat myself. I love the colour and the rumpled cuffs at the top (even with my spaghetti legs, they are fine). I'll wear them with dresses and jeans.

Even doing the family shop at the supermarket, I felt as if everything was in technicolour. When I got home, my new book had arrived, too.

I have a few things to say about this book, but I'll save it for a little review. Suffice to say that I am quite pleased that I only paid £7.99 from The Book People, rather than the rrp of £20. A much better buy for crafters this week is the Prima Christmas Makes magazine. Many people have blogged about it, so I won't, but it's a wonderful publication, and a real keeper.

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  1. Cashmere is a wonderful on the skin. Alpaca is another of my favourites. You did well to buy cashmere in the charity shop. Not an easy find!
    Isabelle x