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Saturday, 8 October 2011

October issue

This is the latest issue of the local magazine that I edit. I'm so pleased with this cover, which was taken by my friend and colleague Lesley Anne Churchill. We have to be so resourceful with our cover shots, as we don't have a glossy magazine budget. I was given the old brown crock pot by a lady in the village who was throwing it out and then said: 'I thought I'd just see if you wanted it first....'
The gourds came from a friend's kitchen and were on loan. She bought them at a car boot sale for a couple of pounds last year. The wooden box was an ebay find. Lesley Anne hunted high and low for orange berries, because we had to do the shot before the berries were quite in season. She tried everything, including dawn raids with secateurs and saved the day with a last minute discovery.
Next week, we're shooting our annual Christmas gift guide, so there will be lots more accessorising and wracking our brains for cheap and interesting ideas. I'm off to Hobbycraft this afternoon to buy a few items to help us out.

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