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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A thrifty autumn day

The teasel harvest is in! I popped out into our field (it's not literally ours, it's at the back of our house) with a large basket and a pair of sturdy gloves and I found so many beautiful dried grasses and seed heads to bring home and store (the allium is from the garden).

I have to walk past this heart-shaped tree to get to the teasel patch. I have shots of this tree throughout the seasons, and when it's frosty it looks amazing, but today it was pretty perfect as well.
After I'd picked my basketful, I went home, made coffee, and tried my home made gluten-free shortbread biscuits (an experiment as part of my new diet, but truly excellent) and then I launched into some intensive pottering. Firstly, an update on my knitted blanket:

Coming along nicely. I've made 67 squares to date, in varying degrees of wonkiness. In fact, I just can't stop knitting. During any spare moments,  I have to sit down and whip up a quick square. Spotting gorgeous wool in charity shops is another new preoccupation although I am trying to stick to a limited range of colours, pinks and greens. (NB: these roses were a get well soon gift from one of my work places and very lovely they are, too).

That's enough knitted squares for now!
Finally, I have a date on the sofa this afternoon with my stash of new library books.

Looking forward to all of these in their different ways.

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