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Monday, 24 October 2011

Small things

My friend Lucy sent me this sweet handmade lavender bag as a get well soon gift. I love the little details she has added to it.
This skirt came from one of those random Laura Ashley sales. A bunch of greatly reduced summery skirts appeared in the middle of the winter stock, and I loved the colours and patterns on this print.  

It's half term, so we're taking things easy this week. A couple of day trips - and lots of relaxing. 

Finally, I'm not usually a fan of online magazines, as I prefer to have the real, glossy deal in my own hands to browse and browse again, but I came across on stylist Selina Lake's inspirational blog and I loved the mix of vintage and retro homes belonging to designers, artists and makers.


  1. What lovely photographs, they are delightfully calming! Your blog looks so interesting, so I will follow.

  2. Hi ,

    It was very sweet of you to post about the launch issue of Heart Home. We are so glad you liked it.

    I wanted to let you know that the second issue has now been published and is full of lovely holiday inspiration. The gallery has also been updated.

    Hope you have a lovely festive break.