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Friday, 21 October 2011

The poor girls' guide to Brora

The new Brora catalogue plopped on to the doormat yesterday. This is always a sweet torture, because I love this company's clothes and styling soooo much, but it is amazingly expensive. I understand why - it's British made and the craftsmanship is wonderful etc - but it's still out of my league. But, that doesn't mean I can't dream or be inspired by the style, and so I set about assembling a thrifty take on what they do....first, however, a look at some of their loveliest pieces:

I love the shape of this skirt.
A beautiful stole by Brora

This week, I had an Oxfam find that is worthy of the look: a sweet pink tie front cardigan for a fiver:

Add a vintage tweed jacket, £15 from an antiques fair, and a rose print Kew skirt from last year:

Some Jigsaw lace ups from a sale years ago, which I've fished out again after seeing brogues everywhere....

These cashmere wrist warmers (below) were a find in Marks and Spencer last winter. I hope they've still got some this autumn, as I'd love another colour, too. They're brilliant for protecting chilly fingers when out early morning flea-marketing (I hope I might be doing some of that again soon).

The little wrist purse came from New Look and was £6.99. It holds my camera perfectly.

I found this little chair in Oxfam yesterday for £4.99. I might change the colour of the seat, but it's a lovely shape and very strong. I have had some really lucky finds lately - the old pan was another discovery on Monday.
So, there we are: shopping in the back of my wardrobe!

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