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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Colourful Christmas

I was so thrilled to spot this unusual embroidery in a junk shop a few days ago. I was contantly in motion last week, with lots of dashing about for work and with my sons' various activities. En route to an appointment, I stopped off in the market town of Oakham, and in the backstreets, I found a little antiques shop with some intriguing things in the window. It was closed, but a small sign said you could go round the back and ring for admittance. I have to say, the owner rather grudgingly opened up, and then stood there, unsmiling, with his arms folded, watching my every move. But I'd already caught a glimpse of this pretty thing sticking out of a box, and it didn't take long to decide that it was coming home with me. It is all hand stitched. It just reminds me of colourful snowflakes. I probably need to take up the hem, but it's fine for now.

It came on top of a plain foot stool, which I'm keeping for now, as I want it to be out on display, rather than stored in a cupboard. It works with my colourful Christmas decorations, which are slowly coming on. I'm using lots of pinks and turquoise and green. It's a mish mash, but I'm not aiming for anything more than a pretty muddle of things. I made rosette paper chains last night in front of the fire, while waiting for my older son to return from a very late shift in the local inn, where he has just started working as a waiter. My husband and younger son were away for the night, and it was very rare for me to be home alone during the evening. All was quiet, apart from the sound of little mice feet skittering about in the attic. I think I need to go up there and investigate.

 Today, I've made a Christmas cake for us, and lots of chocolate brownies for younger son's football team party  tomorrow. The house smells delicious, chocolatey and spicy. Mince pies next. I'm on a roll....

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  1. What a lovely find. I got the cake made and 2 lots of mince pies of which only a`few made it to the freezer. Looks loke I will have to make more.