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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Home made Christmas

I'm slowly starting to get ready for Christmas. I made these little rosette paper chains last night (thank you, Sainsbury's Magazine for this idea) using my William Morris wrapping paper from the V&A and various scraps from my store.

My home made felt birds have found a roost, too....I spotted a mound of twiggy branches on my way to work last week and leapt out of the car. I arrived at my appointment with muddy shoes and a boot bristling with branches....

One room in our house is colourful, and the other one is more muted. I sprayed the seed heads that I gathered in October (Wilkinson's white satin spray paint was the cheapest I found) and I like the effect, with a little bit of extra vintage sparkle:

Finally, channelling my inner 1970s housewife, I've even been cooking for the freezer. With two small parties to host, I did a batch of baking ahead. Gruyere and anchovy scones. Now I need to replicate them with a gluten -free version because there is simply no way that I can resist these.

Last week was full of grumbles and gripes, just one of those hassley weeks where lots of little things go awry, so it was lovely to sit quietly and lose myself in making. Crafts to the rescue, once again. 

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  1. Love the jug of twigs. My family has let on they don't know me when I stop to collect thing like that.
    I have been working on stocking up the freezer too.