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Friday, 23 December 2011

Last minute Christmas

A flying visit to Cambridge to meet up with a friend - what a treat. As usual we walked and talked and walked and talked, had coffee and lunch, walked and talked some more. It was a beautiful day, sunny and mild, and we had a lot of ground to cover. You can stay in the colleges when the students are on holiday, for a reasonable sum, and I think that must be a plan for next time, as we never have enough hours.

The train from Peterborough to Cambridge goes through Ely, and you can see the cathedral from the tracks. I snapped a few shots in the morning light.

I could drive this route easily, but I never do, because I love the train to Cambridge. It's like stepping out of one world and emerging into another. The Fens provide a fascinating landscape, they are unique, so flat and bleak in parts, but lush and pastoral in others. Plus, sitting down and doing nothing is bliss at this time of year.

After that little lull, we went to our local market to do the Christmas food shop today. Now the turkey is in the fridge, the fruit and veg are stashed away. Just a bit of baking to be done tomorrow, and a promising- looking maple Christmas cake to ice (Dan Lepard's recipe), and a few last presents to deliver. And there is always time for a hot chocolate along the way, however old you are :)

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  1. Your never, ever too old for a hot chocolate. Merry Christmas to you. Julie xxx